Cheapflightsfares- A Comprehensive Review

March 04, 2023

Cheapflightsfares is a legitimate US travel agency based in Cleveland in the State of Ohio in USA. It provides flight booking, hotels reservations and car rental services to the people in USA. It is focussed on the US market. Its major line of business is that of flights. So, a ...[ Read more... ]

How to Carry Lithium Batteries and Electronic Devices in Flights?

March 02, 2023

Often you would want to carry electronic devices in flight. These items could be laptops, mobile phones, cameras, tablets, electronic cigarettes also called vapes, power-banks, smart bags, electric wheelchairs, and other such items that have lithium batteries. These devices either have lithium ion or lithium metal batteries.The lithium ion batteries ...[ Read more... ]

Ethiopian Airlines Excess Baggage Charges

February 19, 2023

Ethiopian airlines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia. It provide free baggage allowances to its passengers and charges for the excess baggage. The airline also provides the facility to carry the sporting and musical instruments and a whole lot of other items including medical devices. Here are the charges for ...[ Read more... ]

Indigo 6E Add On and 6E Xtras Services

January 29, 2023

Indigo Airlines, the premier airline company of India holding more than half of the market share in India, provides a number of differentiated services for the benefit of passengers. There are charges for these services. These are categorized as 6E Add-ons and 6E-Xtras 6E Add-On Services 6E Add-on Services Price ...[ Read more... ]

Comparison of Pregnant Women Carriage Policies of US Airlines

January 25, 2023

US Airlines adopt a relaxed approach when it comes to flying pregnant women. Most of the airlines do allow pregnant women to fly without requiring a doctor certificate for most part of their pregnancy period. Some of the very minimum restrictions which they have imposed are given below.  Spirit Airlines ...[ Read more... ]

Which Airlines Offer Student Flight Discounts And Other Benefits?

December 10, 2022

Students have to travel from one destination to another, within their own country or to a foreign destination, for reasons of pursuing their study. To this end, they have certain special requirements when flying with an airlines. These special requirements are generally about having cheaper fares so that they can ...[ Read more... ]

What Are the Convenience Charges of Indigo Airlines for Online Bookings?

May 02, 2021

If you have booked tickets online on any airline or online travel agency portal, you would have come across 'Convenience Charges' which are levied for ticket booking online. Indigo Airlines also levies these charges. Following table lists these fees for domestic and international flights of Indigo Airlines- Domestic Flights International ...[ Read more... ]

What Is Fee Charged by Indigo for Carrying Infant And Unaccompanied Minors?

There is a service fee charged by Indigo Airlines for carrying Infants and Unaccompanied Minors. The following tables summarizes these charges for its domestic and international flights. Domestic Flights International Flights Currency Infant Unaccompanied Minor Infant Unaccompanied Minor INR 1500 2000 2350 3500 SGD 30 40 50 70 AED 75 ...[ Read more... ]

What Are the Lounge Charges for Indigo Airlines?

Indigo charges passengers for using its lounges at domestic and international airports. If you also need to use its lounge, following charges have to be paid. It categorizes these charges based on whether it is domestic flight or international flight. Lounge Charges for Domestic Flights of Indigo Airlines Lounge* INR ...[ Read more... ]

Ticket Cancellation and Change Fees for Indigo Codeshare Flights

Indigo has ticket cancellation and ticket change fees for domestic flights, international flights and also for its codeshare flights. The former have been dealt with in other posts. This is about the ticket cancellation and change fees for the international codeshare flights of the airline. Following table summarizes these charges- ...[ Read more... ]

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