Which Airlines Offer Student Flight Discounts And Other Benefits?

December 10, 2022

Students have to travel from one destination to another, within their own country or to a foreign destination, for reasons of pursuing their study. To this end, they have certain special requirements when flying with an airlines. These special requirements are generally about having cheaper fares so that they can ...[ Read more... ]

Qatar Airways Charges for Sports Equipments

March 26, 2018

For the purpose of carrying sports equipments in check-in luggage, there is a need to determine the prices charged by Qatar Airways. These charges are based on the sum of dimensions of the sports equipment and its weight. Qatar Airways enlists the following charges: Small pieces -up to 15 kg ...[ Read more... ]

Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Charges

November 01, 2016

Following is the list of excess baggage charges of Qatar Airways:- For all flights (except from USA, Canada, Argentina and Brazil), the PRE-PAID Excess baggage charges when paid online are given in table below- All prices mentioned are in USD per kg (except for the ones which are mentioned in ...[ Read more... ]