Spicejet MEDA Form

November 12, 2016

Spicejet MEDA Form by baggagematters on Scribd

Spicejet Fit To Fly Certificate Proforma

Fit to Fly Certificate Proforma For Pregnant Women by baggagematters on Scribd

New Airlines of Saudi Arabia

September 04, 2016

Saudi Arabia, the oil-rich gulf Kingdom, is expanding the horizon of civil aviation in its growing market. Quite a few airlines have already been granted license to operate by its aviation regulator, the General Authority of Civil Aviation. Here is a list of the new airline companies: SaudiGulf Airlines: It ...[ Read more... ]

Its Time to Fly To Cuba !

July 09, 2016

After a year of restoring the diplomatic relations, US government has tentatively approved 8 airlines to fly to Cuba. A final decision is expected in summers. These airlines are American Airlines, United Continental, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Air, Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Delta Airlines. Number of Flights Out ...[ Read more... ]

THOR- Harbinger of a New Age in Aviation

June 06, 2016

Berlin Air Show had a small wonder. Though eyes are generally looking for bigger and better airplanes at these shows, it was this small drone airplane which caught the attention of everyone. Weighing just about 21 kgs and only 13 feet long, the windowless plane from Airbus stable was the ...[ Read more... ]

DOT Changes its Carry On Baggage Rules for Musical Instruments

January 18, 2015

It was a well publicized news story of a musician losing his guitar by the United Airlines that took the Department of Transportation to make amends to their rules on carry on baggage. The American airlines are having different rules and regulations with respect to the carriage of musical instruments ...[ Read more... ]