What is Jet Airways Baggage Allowance for International Interline Flights?

July 05, 2018

Jet Airways has interline flight arrangement with many airlines worldwide. These provide ease of ticketing and travel around different parts of the country. If you want to know how much of luggage can be carried in the check-in hold, the following summarises this: Routing Via Economy Première First Indonesia to ...[ Read more... ]

How to Earn Tier Points and Tier Miles for JetPrivilege Program?

February 27, 2018

Tier Points How the Tier Points calculations are associated with travel classes, booking classes and fare choices is given below- 1 Tier Point       On Jet Airways marketed and operated flights (9W*/9W) & Jet Airways marketed and Etihad Airways Partner operated flights (9W*/EAP) Network Cabin Booking Class Fare ...[ Read more... ]

Jet Airways Special Check In Facility to-from Macau

February 17, 2018

Jet Airways offers special check in facilities when flying to or from Macau. It provides this facility in three ways: 1) Baggage Tag Through facility 2) Sea-to-Air baggage tag from Macau to Hong Kong 3) Air-to-Sea baggage tag from Mumbai or Delhi to Hong Kong and connecting to Macau via ...[ Read more... ]

Where Can You Drop-off Check In Bags for Jet Airways Flights?

Jet Airways provides the facility of checking in your flight in a number of ways. If you are using the online medium, using web or mobile app, and are also carrying the check-in bags, then these can be dropped off at designated points at the airport. Not all airports where Jet ...[ Read more... ]

Fare Classes of Jet Airways

August 05, 2017

Following are the fare classes of Jet Airways: Cabin Fare Choices Booking Class CabinEconomy Light B Deal W, O Saver V, H Classic K, S, Q Flex L, N, U, T, M, Y CabinPremière Saver P Classic I Flex Z, C, J CabinEconomy Light B Deal W, O Saver V, ...[ Read more... ]

Improving Experience and Engagement With Customers- Jet Airways

March 07, 2015

[caption id="attachment_226" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Jet Airways[/caption] Jet Airways is taking up the technology and social media route to improve its functioning which will ultimately lead to greater passenger convenience and higher satisfaction. In the very recent past, it has taken initiatives on two fronts which have not been done any ...[ Read more... ]

Cancel Jet Tickets Within 24 Hours, Get Full Refunds

February 04, 2015

Competition seems to be catching on to Jet Airways. With the entry of Air Vistara in full-service carrier domain, Air India joining the bandwagon of Star Alliance and declining aviation fuel helping improve bottom line of carriers, Jet Airways has taken a small step that will go a long way ...[ Read more... ]

Checklist of Free Baggage Allowance for Indian Carriers

June 22, 2014

Hand Baggage Allowance Checked In Allowance IndiGo Domestic & International: 1 pc only, max weight 7kg, + 1 additional item of max weight 7 kg and (L,B,H)=55, 35, 25 cms. +1 more of 7 kg for infant with same dimension restrictions. Domestic: 1 pc of 15 kg/adult or child, L+B+H< ...[ Read more... ]