Indigo 6E Add On and 6E Xtras Services

January 29, 2023

Indigo Airlines, the premier airline company of India holding more than half of the market share in India, provides a number of differentiated services for the benefit of passengers. There are charges for these services. These are categorized as 6E Add-ons and 6E-Xtras 6E Add-On Services 6E Add-on Services Price ...[ Read more... ]

Comparison of Pregnant Women Carriage Policies of US Airlines

January 25, 2023

US Airlines adopt a relaxed approach when it comes to flying pregnant women. Most of the airlines do allow pregnant women to fly without requiring a doctor certificate for most part of their pregnancy period. Some of the very minimum restrictions which they have imposed are given below.  Spirit Airlines ...[ Read more... ]

What Is Fee Charged by Indigo for Carrying Infant And Unaccompanied Minors?

May 02, 2021

There is a service fee charged by Indigo Airlines for carrying Infants and Unaccompanied Minors. The following tables summarizes these charges for its domestic and international flights. Domestic Flights International Flights Currency Infant Unaccompanied Minor Infant Unaccompanied Minor INR 1500 2000 2350 3500 SGD 30 40 50 70 AED 75 ...[ Read more... ]

Unaccompanied Minor Fees Comparisons on Major US Airlines

April 02, 2015

Airlines have their policies for carrying children and, in particular, the unaccompanied minors. Here is a comparison of policies of the major US carriers. Age of Children Airline and its policy Less than 5 years old No airline permits them to fly alone 5-11 years UMNR service needed for Southwest ...[ Read more... ]

The Most Significant Carrier Rule of IATA

February 21, 2015

For the carriers which partner with each other on the basis of codeshare or interline agreements, the baggage allowance rules depend on which of the carriers involved in the Most Significant Carrier (MSC). For the identification of MSC, IATA has divided the world into Areas and Subareas. This division is ...[ Read more... ]

US Customs Pre Clearance Facility

February 08, 2015

It is one facility which the US-bound travelers from around the world would love to have at almost every airport of the world. The reason is quite simple. With this facility in place at the airports world over, the people traveling to US would not have to wait in long ...[ Read more... ]

FAA Okays E-Cigarettes for Cabin Not for Checked in Baggage

January 31, 2015

A recent ruling by the FAA makes it mandatory for the airlines to amend the rules of checked in baggage to deny the presence of e-cigarettes in the checked baggage. The ruling comes as an aftermath of the investigations into two incidents of fire which were reported a few years ...[ Read more... ]

Safest Airlines of the World

January 08, 2015

In the backdrop of three aviation tragedies, has brought out a list of the safest airlines of the world. Here is the list:   Top 10 Safest Airlines Top 10 Safest LCCs Qantas Aer Lingus Air NewZealand Alaska Airlines British Airways Icelandair Cathay Pacific Airways JetBlue Emirates JetStar Etihad ...[ Read more... ]

Prepare Well When You Fly With Pets

November 24, 2014

Recent disappearance of a pet from a Delta flight has made it to the news on the world wide web and the concerns of the pet owners have been taken so vociferously on internet that the subject of pet safety while flying has become a talking point. While it is ...[ Read more... ]

Jet Airways adds more flights on 3 international routes, Air India on Birmingham Route

November 17, 2014

Jet Airways, one of the full service carriers of India operating on the domestic and international routes, has added more flights on its already served destinations of Bangkok, Colombo and Doha. Bangkok, Doha  and Colombo will be connected with Mumbai (3rd, 2nd and 2nd flight respectively). India’s national carrier, Air ...[ Read more... ]

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