Indigo 6E Add On and 6E Xtras Services

January 29, 2023

Indigo Airlines 6E Add ons and 6e Xtras

Indigo Airlines, the premier airline company of India holding more than half of the market share in India, provides a number of differentiated services for the benefit of passengers. There are charges for these services. These are categorized as 6E Add-ons and 6E-Xtras

6E Add-On Services

6E Add-on Services Price Description
6E Tiffin starts Rs 175 Book from 22 tasty preparations
Delayed and Lost Baggage protection starts Rs 95 For receiving compensation
6E Prime starts Rs 899 Seat and snack combo of choice along with Fast Forward Service
Seat Select starts Rs 150 Window, aisle or extra leg room seats
Pre-book Excess Baggage starts Rs 130 Prebooking of extra baggage
6E Seat & Eat starts Rs 699 Preferred seat and snack combo for next flight
Fast Forward starts Rs 325 Check-in first and get baggage on priority
Travel Assistance starts Rs 159 Travel protection
Blanket, Pillow, Eye Shade, Dental Kit starts Rs 200 Adds more comfort to travel
6E Bar starts Rs 700 Pre-book alcoholic beverage
Sports Equipments starts Rs 1200 Handling fee
6E QuickBoard starts Rs 400 Skip queue and board early
Lounge Services starts Rs 800 Use of Indigo Partner lounges
Cancellation Insurance starts Rs 499 Reimbursement of cancellation charges upto Rs5000

6E Xtras

Under this category, there are three services, which are given as under-

  1. IndiGo Early-
  • Passengers can pre-pone their flight by up to 4 hrs, that is difference between Original and Desired flight departure times shall not be more than 4 hrs.
  • Applicable on domestic sector flights.
  • This is available only at the airport, therefore, passenger must be present at the airport.
  • Another condition is that check-in shall not have happened on any of the flight.
  • Entails a fee of Rs 1800. Change request will be confirmed only 60 minutes before desired flight departure time. Confirmation will depend on whether the seat is available or not.

2. Gift Voucher-

  • You can gift someone a voucher from Indigo airlines in denominations of Rs 3000, Rs 5000 and Rs 10000, and can also select the number of vouchers (up to a max of 5).
  • This Voucher will be valid for 90 days
  • It can also be split and used across multiple trips.
  • The Voucher is full transferable.

3. 6E Bagport-

  • This service can be used to deliver your baggage direct to home.
  • The service is operated by Carter Porter Private Limited and Indigo is just a facilitator.
  • Passengers who have to use this service have to do it from

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