United Airlines Reservations- A Step by Step Guide To Online Booking

May 04, 2019

There are some apprehension about using the online medium for purchasing air tickets online. However, these are unfounded and can be cleared in order to have a smooth online booking process. This piece of content familiarizes you with the United Airlines booking engine. As can be seen in the screenshot ...[ Read more... ]

Dubai Airports Irregular Bag Shape Rule

December 15, 2018

New baggage rules have been introduced to help improve baggage services for all passengers at DXB. Bags must have at least one flat surface pic.twitter.com/8jyCm8AgHY— Dubai Airports (@DubaiAirports) August 8, 2017

Air Mauritius Excess Baggage Policy For Flights From Different Places

November 25, 2018

From Mauritius or Rodrigues From Mauritius / Rodrigues To Reunion Madagascar Asia/Oceania Europe Africa 2nd Piece (after free allowance of 1 piece) MUR 1600 MUR 2000 USD 125 USD 100 USD 60 3rd and more pcs MUR 1600 MUR 2000 USD 225 USD 200 USD 60 Overweight MUR 1600 MUR ...[ Read more... ]

Alitalia Sports and Musical Instruments Policy

Musical Equipment Policy Musical Instruments who , dimensions-wise (length + width + height) do not exceed 115 cms with a maximum weight of 8 kilograms, could be carried free of charge on board, in a special hard case, instead of hand baggage. Instruments such as cellos, which dimensions-wise do not ...[ Read more... ]

Policy for Carrying Sports and Musical Items on GOL Airlines of Brazil

GoL Airlines of Brazil allows passenger to carry their sporting and musical instruments in the flight. However, it does define which all items can be carried in cabin and which have to be checked in. This is given in the content below: Sporting Equipment Surfboards Both surfboards and stand-up paddle ...[ Read more... ]

WestJet Sports and Musical Instruments Carriage Policy

WestJet has its musical instruments and sports equipment policy. The policy is designed to enable people to carry their equipment in airplane without affecting the operational efficiencies and ensuring safety of airplanes of the airlines. Music Instruments Policy WestJet does not want you to buy you additional seat for your ...[ Read more... ]

What Are the Excess Baggage Charges for Philippine Airlines?

November 11, 2018

EXCESS BAGGAGE CHARGES Philippine Airlines offers free baggage allowance to passengers. It depends on the route of travel and the fare type booked. If passengers want to carry excess weight or number of pieces, then the following charges apply: 1. For domestic and inter-domestic flights: PHP 200 including VAT is the ...[ Read more... ]

Vietnam Airlines- Airports For Online Check-in

July 28, 2018

Vietnam Airlines provides online check in facility for ease of passengers. However, this facility is available for certain airports only. These are given below: Da Nang – Da Nang International Airport (DAD) Ha Noi – Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) Ho Chi Minh City – Tan Son Nhat International Airport ...[ Read more... ]

KLM Pets Carriage Policy

KLM allows carriage of pet dogs and cats in cabin and check-in. In both situations, the pet is to be kept in a kennel.  If carried in cabin, the size of container has to be 46 (length) x 28 (width) x 24 (height) cm wherein the pet shall be able ...[ Read more... ]

Oil Destinations Recognized As Such by KLM and Air France

In recognition of the conrtibution of oil and energy industry, KLM and France  recognize certain routes as Oil Destination routes. The airline offers special flyer status to passengers associated with oil and energy by providing them with Flying Blue Petroleum Card, a special priviledge card which can be used for earning ...[ Read more... ]

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