What Are the Convenience Charges of Indigo Airlines for Online Bookings?

May 02, 2021

If you have booked tickets online on any airline or online travel agency portal, you would have come across 'Convenience Charges' which are levied for ticket booking online. Indigo Airlines also levies these charges. Following table lists these fees for domestic and international flights of Indigo Airlines- Domestic Flights International ...[ Read more... ]

What Is Fee Charged by Indigo for Carrying Infant And Unaccompanied Minors?

There is a service fee charged by Indigo Airlines for carrying Infants and Unaccompanied Minors. The following tables summarizes these charges for its domestic and international flights. Domestic Flights International Flights Currency Infant Unaccompanied Minor Infant Unaccompanied Minor INR 1500 2000 2350 3500 SGD 30 40 50 70 AED 75 ...[ Read more... ]

What Are the Lounge Charges for Indigo Airlines?

Indigo charges passengers for using its lounges at domestic and international airports. If you also need to use its lounge, following charges have to be paid. It categorizes these charges based on whether it is domestic flight or international flight. Lounge Charges for Domestic Flights of Indigo Airlines Lounge* INR ...[ Read more... ]

Ticket Cancellation and Change Fees for Indigo Codeshare Flights

Indigo has ticket cancellation and ticket change fees for domestic flights, international flights and also for its codeshare flights. The former have been dealt with in other posts. This is about the ticket cancellation and change fees for the international codeshare flights of the airline. Following table summarizes these charges- ...[ Read more... ]

What Are Ticket Cancellation and Change Charges for Indigo International Flights?

If you have booked tickets on Indigo International flights, whether departing from India or arriving in India, there are charges for cancellation of ticket or doing some modifications after booking tickets. These charges depend on when these changes are effected with respect to the date of flight booked originally. The ...[ Read more... ]

What Are The Charges For Ticket Cancellation and Ticket Change on Domestic Indigo Flights?

You can make modifications to your itinerary on Indigo Ticket after booking. You can also cancel the ticket if there is no longer the need for travel. The ticket cancellation and change charges on Indigo Airlines domestic flights depend on when these are done. Indigo allows free cancellation of domestic ...[ Read more... ]

Malaysia Airlines Fare Types for Flights

January 12, 2020

Malaysia Airlines offers different fare tickets to its passengers. Broadly, there are three cabin classes- Economy, Business and First Class. With these broad categories, there are further divisions which are called fare classes. Based on the distinctions of these fare classes, there are different benefits on frequent flyer programs, baggage ...[ Read more... ]

Gulf Air Carton Box Policy

If you have the chance of flying on the Gulf Air flights, especially the ones which originate from anywhere in the Gulf region, be it Saudi Arabia or UAE or other country, you would have found that the airline has specially mentioned about the carriage of cardboard boxes as check ...[ Read more... ]

Why Emirates Home Check-in Service is so Special?

November 08, 2019

Passengers can make use of this service to check-in from home and print the boarding pass, get the weight of baggage done and get it packed securely. This can be done in the time period beginning 48 hours up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. ...[ Read more... ]

Restrictions on Taking Powdery Substances in Carry-on Luggage

November 03, 2019

It is not just the liquids which are to be carried in restricted quantities in airline cabin now. Added to the list are the powdery substances. Transportation Security Administration of the US has not explicitly banned the carriage of powdery substances in cabin baggage but has issued a strong directive ...[ Read more... ]

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