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Malaysia Airlines Fare Types for Flights

January 12, 2020

Malaysia Airlines offers different fare tickets to its passengers. Broadly, there are three cabin classes- Economy, Business and First Class. With these broad categories, there are further divisions which are called fare classes. Based on the distinctions of these fare classes, there are different benefits on frequent flyer programs, baggage ...[ Read more... ]

Gulf Air Carton Box Policy

If you have the chance of flying on the Gulf Air flights, especially the ones which originate from anywhere in the Gulf region, be it Saudi Arabia or UAE or other country, you would have found that the airline has specially mentioned about the carriage of cardboard boxes as check ...[ Read more... ]

Why Emirates Home Check-in Service is so Special?

November 08, 2019

Passengers can make use of this service to check-in from home and print the boarding pass, get the weight of baggage done and get it packed securely. This can be done in the time period beginning 48 hours up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. ...[ Read more... ]

Restrictions on Taking Powdery Substances in Carry-on Luggage

November 03, 2019

It is not just the liquids which are to be carried in restricted quantities in airline cabin now. Added to the list are the powdery substances. Transportation Security Administration of the US has not explicitly banned the carriage of powdery substances in cabin baggage but has issued a strong directive ...[ Read more... ]

Ineligibility Conditions for Online Check-in on US Airlines

Airlines in USA, as in many other countries, allow the ease of online/web check-in for their passengers. Online check-in can be performed from their desktops, laptops or any mobile device having an internet connection. This can also be done by downloading the airline mobile application in smartphone and using it ...[ Read more... ]

Volaris Musical Instruments Carriage Policy

October 07, 2019

Volaris, the Mexican carrier, provides ease of carriage of musical instruments. It understands the need of music lovers to carry their musical instruments on flights and allows their carriage. However, it does so only under some conditions. These can be taken in cabin baggage if weight and size limits are ...[ Read more... ]

Sports Equipment Carriage Policy Of Volaris Flights and its Charges

Volaris airline, being an ultra low cost airline, seeks to provide the cheapest airline tickets to its passengers. In this endeavor, it charges some fees for carriage of check-in baggage and carry-on baggage. The details of its policy can be checked here. At the same time, it also charges for ...[ Read more... ]

United Airlines Reservations- A Step by Step Guide To Online Booking

May 04, 2019

There are some apprehension about using the online medium for purchasing air tickets online. However, these are unfounded and can be cleared in order to have a smooth online booking process. This piece of content familiarizes you with the United Airlines booking engine. As can be seen in the screenshot ...[ Read more... ]

Dubai Airports Irregular Bag Shape Rule

December 15, 2018

New baggage rules have been introduced to help improve baggage services for all passengers at DXB. Bags must have at least one flat surface pic.twitter.com/8jyCm8AgHY— Dubai Airports (@DubaiAirports) August 8, 2017

Air Mauritius Excess Baggage Policy For Flights From Different Places

November 25, 2018

From Mauritius or Rodrigues From Mauritius / Rodrigues To Reunion Madagascar Asia/Oceania Europe Africa 2nd Piece (after free allowance of 1 piece) MUR 1600 MUR 2000 USD 125 USD 100 USD 60 3rd and more pcs MUR 1600 MUR 2000 USD 225 USD 200 USD 60 Overweight MUR 1600 MUR ...[ Read more... ]

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