IATA Regulations on Battery-powered Devices in Airplanes

July 07, 2018

Often, there is a need to carry one or the other battery powered device in the airplanes. Some of the most common items that have batteries are: wheelchairs, laptops, cameras and mobile phones. For the sake of safety of passengers and in the wake of some incidents involving these battery powered devices ...[ Read more... ]

Etihad New Excess Baggage Policy and Charges

July 05, 2018

Following table shows the new excess baggage policy as per new baggage allowance:   From TO 2kg 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg  30kg  35kg  Middle East Middle East USD 40 USD 90 USD 180 US 270  USD 360 USD 450 USD 540 USD 630 Indian Subcontinent Asia USD 55 USD 125 ...[ Read more... ]

Etihad Airways Old Baggage Policy

Etihad had changed its baggage allowance policy. The new policy is applicable for all tickets booked after 31 January 2018, whereas the old policy, as given below, is applicable for tickets booked on or after 31 January, 2018  OLD POLICY For Tickets Bought Before 31 January, 2018 All journeys to / ...[ Read more... ]

What Are The Fare Choices of Etihad Airways?

Etihad airline has fare choices within its each cabin class of service. Many airline services, including the prices of tickets and the baggage allowances depend on which fare choice has been booked by the passenger. So, what are these fare choices? The following chart explains these in detail: ECONOMY FARE ...[ Read more... ]

What is Jet Airways Baggage Allowance for International Interline Flights?

Jet Airways has interline flight arrangement with many airlines worldwide. These provide ease of ticketing and travel around different parts of the country. If you want to know how much of luggage can be carried in the check-in hold, the following summarises this: Routing Via Economy Première First Indonesia to ...[ Read more... ]

Scoot Airlines Pre-paid Extra Check-in Bag Price from Different Countries

July 02, 2018

Scoot Airlines of Singapore offers carry-on and check-in baggage allowances for passengers travelling on its domestic and international flights. In addition to its regular allowance, it also allows passengers to carry extra check-in or cabin bags on payment of a certain charge. This charge can be paid at the airport ...[ Read more... ]

Change and Cancellation Fees and Rules of easyJet

June 18, 2018

easyJet levies fees or fare differences as per following chart:   Online Call Center   Cancellations within 24 hours of booking per booking £27 £32 easyJet provides full refund after deducting an administrative charge. Earlier return flight per passenger £22  - When on your day of return, you want to ...[ Read more... ]

Charges for Different Types of Seating in easyJet

Following are the charges for different types of seating in easyJet airlines: Allocated seating - First row (Extra legroom) £12.99 - £29.99 Selecting these seats also gets you: A second, small under seat cabin bag. Dedicated Bag Drop. Speedy Boarding so you get on board first Allocated seating - Up ...[ Read more... ]

Alaska Airlines-Overweight and Oversized Baggage Charges

June 16, 2018

If your check in baggage has exceeded the size dimensions or the weight limits, following table summarises the charges for these. These charges are for one-way travel using Alaska Airlines flights.   Gate check Overweight bag Oversize bag 63-80" (linear) Oversize bag 80-115" (linear) Standard fee $25 $75 $75 $75 ...[ Read more... ]

Alaska Airlines- Carry and Check-in Baggage Fees

Following table summarises the charges for carry-on and check-in bags for different members of Alaska Airlines. These charges are  for one-way flights.    Carryon bag Checked bag #1 Checked bag #2 Checked bag #3 Checked bags 4+ Standard fee Free $25 $25 $75 $75 per bag Club 49™ member Free Free1 ...[ Read more... ]

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