Air India Introduces Pre-paid Excess Baggage Charges for Domestic Flights

July 13, 2016

Air India Excess Baggage Pre-paid Charges

Pre-paid excess baggage charge is a highly convenient way to pay for excess baggage of customers ahead of their travel time. Generally, these come at discounted prices which enable passengers to save on their excess baggage charges to be paid at airport. These charges have already been introduced by private Indian budget carriers. Air India has also started providing these charges with certain restrictions and limitations.

The details of this scheme are-

  • Charges:
Pre-paid Baggage Allowance Base rate Slab Upto 5 kgs >5 and <=10 kgs > 10 and <=15 kgs > 15 and <=20 kgs
Total amount to be charged First/Business Class 1230 2450 3680 4900
Economy Class 1190 2390 3580 4770

Terms and Conditions:

  • Applicable on all domestic flights, and domestic legs of international flights of Air India
  • Cannot be bought online on the website of Air India. This has to be bought through the Air India Call Centre or Booking Offices
  • Cannot be bought within 24 hours of scheduled flight departure time. Thus, it shall be bought before 24 hours of scheduled flight.
  • Not applicable for multi-city flights.
  • If booking is cancelled in accordance with the fare rules, full amount of excess baggage pre-paid will be refunded.
  • Cancellation of pre-paid excess baggage is permitted up to 6 hrs before scheduled departure time of domestic flights.
  • No refunds of pre-paid amount in ‘No Show’ cases.

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  • VVrao

    Posted on October 26, 2016

    Two passengers with total baggage (4 X 23 Kgs ) + (2 X 12 Kgs) + (2 X 5kgs of Laptop) on Domestic Air India Flight..What is the extra prepaid checkin luggage coupon to purchase?

    • baggagematters

      Posted on October 31, 2016

      Each passenger allowed only 25 kg in economy check in baggage and 8 kg per person in cabin. So, 50 kgs allowed for two of you in check in and 16 kg in cabin (do not club the cabin baggage). But, you are carrying 92 kg in check in and 24 kg of cabin. So, excess cabin baggage of 8 kgwould need to be transferred to checkin which will increase it to 100 kg. Therefore, total excess of 50 kg in check in is there.

      INR 250 per kg would be excess baggage charge. But, please speak to airline for further details.