Alitalia Sports and Musical Instruments Policy

November 25, 2018

Musical Equipment Policy

Musical Instruments who , dimensions-wise (length + width + height) do not exceed 115 cms with a maximum weight of 8 kilograms, could be carried free of charge on board, in a special hard case, instead of hand baggage.
Instruments such as cellos, which dimensions-wise do not exceed 52 x 40 x 135 cms (width + depth + height) and weight of 55 kilograms, should be carried on board by paying for a seat i cabin (service not available for passengers travelling with a Light Fare). The flight booking must be done at least 48 hours before the day of departure.
Passengers wanting to carry their own musical instruments on board Alitalia flights should arrive for check in at least 60 minutes before it closes.

Sporting Equipment Policy

Certain Sports equipment, if they fall within the baggage allowance granted by the purchased ticket fare, would be considered as normal checked baggage.

Sports Equipment weighing up till 23 kilograms is included in the baggage allowance free of charge. If the equipment exceeds 23 kilograms, the charge for excess baggage would be levied.

Skiing and snow equipment, Golf Equipment, Bicycle, Surfing ( a shortboard type surfing board, etc) would be considered as sporting equipment.