Electronic Travel Authorization- Canada Regulation For Air Travel of Foreign Nationals

March 17, 2018

eTA is applicable only for travel by air, not by other modes of transportation.

eTA is linked to the passport of the person and is valid for a period of 5 years till the time passport expires, whichever is earlier. Once an eTA is allowed for travel, passengers are allowed short periods of living in Canada, generally for a period of up to 6 months.

Who requires Electronic Ticket Authorization?

eTA is required for passengers who want to fly to or transit through an airport in Canada.

For the purpose of determining who would need the eTA, there is a categorization of passengers into 4:

  • Those who need eTA
  • Those who are eligible to apply for eTA
  • Those can not apply for eTA, but have to carry other ID proofs
  • Those who are exempt from eTA

The people who need eTA are those foreign nationals who are exempt from Visa requirement and those who are permanent residents of US (must have Green Card to show).

The passengers who are eligible to apply for eTA are citizens from those countries where Canadian visa is required. And, these passengers can choose to apply for eTA instead of Visa if they have to fly into Canada.

Holders of valid Canadian passport for Canadian citizens and US passport for American-Canadians do not have to apply for eTA.

Among the passengers who are exempt from eTA requirement are US citizens.

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