"> Gulf Air Carton Box Policy

Gulf Air Carton Box Policy

January 12, 2020

gulf air carton box policy

If you have the chance of flying on the Gulf Air flights, especially the ones which originate from anywhere in the Gulf region, be it Saudi Arabia or UAE or other country, you would have found that the airline has specially mentioned about the carriage of cardboard boxes as check in baggage. Over a period of past few months, it has evolved its baggage policy on cardboard boxes to be used as check in bags.

The first thing the airline said about the cardboard boxes was that these shall not be irregular in shape. This meant that these shall have at least one flat surface and shall not be wrapped around with blankets, fabrics, etc. This was ostensibly because of the fact that these items got struck in the scanner at the airports, causing a lot of inconvenience during the security and check-in processes.

Thereafter, the airline made it clear that if a person wishes to bring one cardboard box, he can take only one and he will not be allowed to bring any other check in luggage with it. So, if that has to be a carton box, it has to be only that. The dimensions of the carton box could be larger than a standard check in bag.

In yet another revision of its policy and the most recent one, the dimensions of the box allowed by Gulf Airline was again made the same as that of the regular check in bags. Now, the linear dimensions of the cardboard box shall not be more than 158 cm. Another change which the airline has done is to remove any reference limiting the number of carton boxes or mixing these with the regular check in bags. This removal can be taken to mean that the carrier is no longer restricting the number of carton boxes as check in bags and is also favourably inclined to accept these as check in bags along with the standard ones.

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