"> Jet Airways Special Check In Facility to-from Macau

Jet Airways Special Check In Facility to-from Macau

February 17, 2018

Jet Airways offers special check in facilities when flying to or from Macau. It provides this facility in three ways:
1) Baggage Tag Through facility
2) Sea-to-Air baggage tag from Macau to Hong Kong
3) Air-to-Sea baggage tag from Mumbai or Delhi to Hong Kong and connecting to Macau via Turbojet or Cotaijet.

Under the baggage tag through facility, the passengers travelling on flights from Delhi or Mumbai to Macau and vice versa can have their baggage tagged and through checked-in up to Macau. This is of considerable convenience for holiday makers who are travelling to Hong Kong and Macau because they do not have to worry about taking their bags off at Hong Kong for re-checkin. 

Under the Sea-to-Air baggage tag from Macau to Hong Kong Airport Ferry Skypier Terminal, the check-in bags can be through checked-in right from Macau till final destination in Delhi or Mumbai. There are certain conditions for this through check in to be availed.
a) At first, the ferry must leave at least 2 hours and 45 minutes prior to flight departure to Delhi/Mumbai.
b) It applies to guests availing only the Turbojet or Cotaijet ferry and transiting through HK International Airport, Skypier Ferry Terminal with confirmed tickets on Jet Airways bound for Delhi or Mumbai on same day. This is not applicable for guests who have taken ferry from Macau or Nansha Ferry Terminal and are transiting through City Central Ferry Terminal in HK. 
c) Weight of baggage must be within the permitted allowance limits.

Under the Air-to-sea baggage tag through check in facility, when flying from Mumbai or Delhi and opting for through check in, the passengers are required to present the Turbojet or Cotaijet Ferry number. Providing only number is sufficient, providing tickets is not mandatory for through check-in. Once done, there is no need for HK immigration clearance or getting bags. Guests can check in at counters in Terminal 1, transfer area E2. 

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