"> Policy for Carrying Sports and Musical Items on GOL Airlines of Brazil

Policy for Carrying Sports and Musical Items on GOL Airlines of Brazil

November 25, 2018

GoL Airlines of Brazil allows passenger to carry their sporting and musical instruments in the flight. However, it does define which all items can be carried in cabin and which have to be checked in. This is given in the content below:

Sporting Equipment

Both surfboards and stand-up paddle boards are allowed in check-in.

If rims of the bicycle are 20 inches or more in diameters, the passenger is recommended to remove the pedals or wrap them up in bubble wrap. Then turn the handlebar to a position so that it is parallel to the frame (or wrap the ends). After that, remove the front wheel and attach it to the frame. The bicycle must be packed either in its original box or a package designed to transport bicycles. 
Bicycles with rims lesser than 20 inches in diameters are only required to be appropriately packed.

Skis and snowboards
Both the skis with poles and snowboards would have to be transported as checked luggage in proper packaging. Glasses, gloves and boots could be transported in carry on or checked baggage.

Musical instruments

If the musical instrument is small, dimensions-wise, it might be transported as carry -on luggage, as long as it does not weigh more than 10 kgs weight limit – and it would have to be no larger than the following dimensions – 25 x 40 x 55 cms (length x width x height). 
If the instrument exceeds the mentioned dimensions it would have to be transported as checked baggage. 
In such instances, remember to pack the instrument in a proper, rigid container. You might purchase an extra seat to transport cellos and berimbaus. GOL would not be responsible for any damage caused to any instrument or equipment during transport. 

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