Sports Equipment Carriage Policy Of Volaris Flights and its Charges

October 07, 2019

volaris sports equipments

Volaris airline, being an ultra low cost airline, seeks to provide the cheapest airline tickets to its passengers. In this endeavor, it charges some fees for carriage of check-in baggage and carry-on baggage. The details of its policy can be checked here.

At the same time, it also charges for the sports equipment which the people would want to carry. Sports equipment shall be up to 55 lbs (25 kgs) in weight and 98.4 inches (250 cms) in linear dimensions.

These are given below.

National Routes

At airport

$1100/$1200 MXN

At time of booking tickets

$47/$50 USD

Before flight

$52/$58 USD

International Routes

At airport

Not allowed

At time of booking tickets


Before flight

$95/$100 USD

Between Central America

At airport

$35/$40 USD

At time of booking tickets

$27/$29 USD

Before flight

$29/$32 USD


In case the weight is more than 55 lbs (25kgs) but less than 99lb(45 kg), and size is more than 98.4 inches (250cm) but less than 110 inches (280 cms), overweight and oversize charges will apply respectively.

Most common equipments that can be carried on Volaris flights are bicycles and those for diving , skiing, golf and bowling.

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