"> Why Emirates Home Check-in Service is so Special?

Why Emirates Home Check-in Service is so Special?

November 08, 2019

emirates home check in service

Passengers can make use of this service to check-in from home and print the boarding pass, get the weight of baggage done and get it packed securely. This can be done in the time period beginning 48 hours up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. This service delivers luggage to the airport.

Please note that this service is available for all pick-ups from Dubai and to Dubai International Airport only.

This is not available for flights of any other airline, except that of Emirates.

How to book Home Check-in service?
The service can be booked by filling out a short form online at https://www.emirates.com/english/help/home-check-in/.

What Does Home Check-in Cost Me?
AED 250 for checking-in up to 7 bags. Additional bags at AED 25 per bag.
Payment to be done in cash or using credit card.

When You Can Not Buy Home Check-in?
a) When flying to USA (except when flight is through Milan or Athens)
b) When you are an unaccompanied minor
c) When you have a medical condition which requires assistance to travel.

The intent of the airline is to make check-in process simpler, convenient and totally hassles-free for passenger. This is one innovative step in this direction.

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